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Trail Papa

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The seeds of a new folk scene have been planted and are flourishing in the (not so)fertile ground of one unassuming city street corner in Brooklyn, NY.


There is music here...

Tucked away between a gridlocked tunnel and a hazy expressway...

There is music...


Here, you'll find singers singing and songs being shared. You'll find the sounds of generations old and new being woven together into a colorful tapestry of golden trees with scarlet fruit and fantastic birds... or maybe just a few handfuls of people coming together to reflect upon the beauties of life along with the harsh realities of our collective experiences.

TraIL Papa is one of the myriad of musical groups that have formed on this humble city street corner. We play and sing upbeat and bittersweet tunes together and we look forward to sharing them with you soon.  


Kyle Tigges 



Sarah "Small Chucks" Trabue



Juliet Garrett



Henry Fitzpatrick


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